Super Sassy Married Heroes

Detail of Rochefort’s Escape, by Édouard Manet.



#and that’s his entire character #don’t touch it #GONNA TOUCH IT #don’t go looking for that body in the woods #GONNA GO LOOK FOR THAT BODY IN THE WOODS #don’t antagonize the psychotic geriatric hunter who’s just kidnapped you from a sports field full of poeple #GONNA ANTAGONIZE THE PSYCHOTIC GERIATRIC HUNTER (rubykatewriting)

don’t antagonize the the trapped alpha GONNA ANTAGONIZE THE ALPHA run away! GONNA STAY RIGHT HERE don’t hang out with werewolves NEW BEST FRIENDS don’t get involved I’M INVOLVED call your dad stiles NOPE write an essay on economics DID YOU SAY CIRCUMCISION you’re not gay I COULD BE


i said theres no way im gonna draw that. absolutely no way. but then


osbornelius answered: domestic fluff, but post-ws? steve and bucky kissing in steve’s kitchen, steaming mugs of coffee forgotten on the side


this was a commission for pretty princess farhio! she wanted mchaleinski in the form of stiles n scott as the obnoxious lawyer drones who constantly go for coffee runs in the coffee shop that derek works at uwu derek pretends to be annoyed at their overly needless complicated orders but it’s secretly cute too okay they’re onto him.

its a big boy, open it up!!






Kiki Smith - Lilith, 1994 - Bronze, silicon, and glass.

“In medieval Jewish lore, Lilith was Adam’s first wife.  When she demanded to be Adam’s equal, she was evicted from the Garden of Eden.  Lilith flew away to the demon world, replaced by the more submissive Eve.  Smith catches us off guard with Lilith’s pose and placement.  Most sculptures receive our gaze passively, but Lilith stares back with piercing brown eyes, ready to pounce.”

hella dope


my mother told me this story over and over when I was little

"Always be Lilith, never Eve"

"Always be Lilith, never Eve"